Jette Wiborg-Andersen

I’m Jette Wiborg-Andersen

user advocate | researcher | designer


For the past three years I have worked within Trustpilot Trust & Transparency (T&T) organisation, helping ensuring the integrity of the platform.

My work within Trustpilot T&T has first been supporting both reviewers and business users of Trustpilot, supporting prober use and building the trustworthiness of the platform. 

Second my job has been supporting Truspilot Quality & Compliance with internal tools ensuring fast and easy execution of their commitments in assisting reviewers and business in all affairs regarding compliance.


Call me UI designer, UX designer, service designer, user researcher or UX ninja if you like - what I believe is most important is the process.

The user is always the main driver and I believe in testing and validating ideas as fast as possible to ensure value to both users and business.

The faster we test and fail, the faster we get to the right solution. Get a lot of ideas fast and start testing with actual users. The best solution is often not the one you expect.


I am always interested in learing more about new and exiting opportunities so if you believe we would be a good match please don't hesitate to get in touch.