Audio Intelligent Device



Development of a set of intelligenet in-ears


The prevalence of hearing damages caused by the use of mp3-players has increased over the latest years. Children aged 9 years shows signs of hearing damages due to an increase in the use of portable playing devices. Both the sound level as well as the amount of time using such a device plays an active role in the risk of damage.


The objective of this project was to take starting point in a analogue electronic curcuit and protect the human ear against damaging volumes over longer periods. Audio Intelligent Device (AID) is a product developed to control the played volume level in an mp3-player comparred to the level of background noise. AID is designed and developed on research on general use of mp3-players and the users' needs and comfort.


Test of AID revealed a functioning product although the product did not meet all specifications.



This project was a semester project during my bachelor's degree and was co-written with Mai Baunstrup, Jonas Høier Christiansen, Anders Kalsgaard Møller, Signe Arleth Skelgaard and Sidsel Støvring.




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