The Automatically Adjustable Desk


Ergonomic correct office furnitures are highly widespread on the market, but the effect of these is not as visible simply due to lack of knowledge about proper adjustment of such products.


This project treated the development of an automatically adjustable elevation desk. The desk adjusts to the ergonomic correct height, in reference to the user situated at the desk, by the use of infrared distance sensors. The concept also included an instruction panel guiding the user to correctly position himself in the required position measurable by the sensors.


A usability test showed that the concept was durable as the subjects of the test were able to understand and follow the instructions given. The developed prototype of the desk was not satisfactory, given that the subjects were hindered from correctly adjusting the desk. This was due to the location of the different components when implementing the concept in the desk.


The results from the usability test confirmed the prospects of the concept but also underlied further development in reference to the implementation of the concept.



This project was a semester project during my bachelor's degree and was co-written with Mai Baunstrup, Jonas Høier Christiansen, and Anders Kalsgaard Møller.




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