Facebook while driving

Accessing Facebook while driving



A qualitative research on accessing Facebook while driving


Research shows that accessing Facebook while driving is a growing issue. Constant connectivity allows for unconstrained online social interaction - also while driving - but, engaging in secondary tasks, such as accessing Facebook, while driving can have severe consequences. Thus, we need to make the driver socially connected in a suitable and safe manner.


The objective of this research is to take an user-centred approach in closer examining the incentives of accessing Facebook while driving. Using the qualitative method of in-depth interviewing allows for a thorough examination of the participants' experience on the research topic. Such examination can serve as guideline when determining what, when, and how to intergrate FB in the car.


Several interesting aspects rendered visible during the analysis of the interviews providing deeper understanding of a driver's incentives of accessing Facebook while driving. This research can not account for the full investigation of the research topic, thus further research is required.



This project was my Master's Thesis.




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Jette Wiborg-Andersen

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