Navigation system for mildly disabled elders


The European project ISISEMD addresses the aspect of a predicted increase in the number of people suffering from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia by developing a support system for the diseased, their relatives, and professional caregivers. Dementia results in cognitive impairments and a decreased ability to take care of oneself. The system will support the independent living of the elders in order to enhance their quality of life.


Research shows that exercise and social activity have a positive influence on the process of aging and the disabilities associated with MCI and mild dementia.


The objective of this project was to develop a navigation-system, for elders suffering from MCI or mild dementia, as a part of the ISISEMD support system. The system should function as an aid for the elders while ensuring a safe environment for the elders to engage in outdoor and social activities.


We developed a usable and feasible system in which psychological, physiological and technical aspects were accounted for. The system enhances the user's freedom and independence which can be contributing to increased quality of life.



This project was my bachelor project and co-written with Signe Arleth Skelgaard.




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Jette Wiborg-Andersen

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